Lot 99 – Maximinus II Daia (305-313) Aureus – Alexandrie (311-313).

Maximinus II Daia (305-313) Aureus - Alexandrie (311-313).
Lot 99 – Maximinus II Daia (305-313) Aureus – Alexandrie (311-313).
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sam. 22 janv. 2022 at 09:00 (UTC)
Maximinus II Daia (305-313) Aureus – Alexandrie (311-313). Très rare frappe d’Egypte – Magnifique exemplaire de très bon style. Infimes marques sur la tranche au revers. Exemplaire de la vente Palombo 18 du 17 novembre 2019, N°78. 5.34g – Cal. 5038 Superbe à FDC – CHOICE AU* fine style The famously unreliable Life of Constantine by Bishop Eusebius of Caesarea tells us that “[Daia] had even striven to outdo [Galerius] in a sort of competition in evil, and prided himself on the invention of novel punishments to use on [Christians]. He was not satisfied with fire and iron and crucifixion, wild beasts and deep seas, but went on to invent a new form of torture in addition to all these, and decreed that the organs of sight should be mutilated. So, great throngs not only of men, but of women and children, the sight of their right eyes and their ankle-joints maimed by iron and branding, were committed to forced labor in mines. For these things, he also was soon pursued by the judgment of God” (I.58.2-3). This can obviously not be taken at face value, but it is remarkable that Daia’s coin designs are indeed notably pagan, as is the case here.
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