Lot 15 – Mysie – Lampsaque Statère d’or (c.360).

Lot 15 – Mysie – Lampsaque Statère d’or (c.360).
Celtic & Greek
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Mysie – Lampsaque Statère d’or (c.360) Extrêmement rare et d’une qualité exceptionnelle. Travail d’un style d’une exquise finesse réalisé par un maître-graveur. Frappe de très hauts reliefs – infime choc sur la tranche. Achat privé chez Tradart le 31 janvier 2002. 8.44g – SNG France 1157 – Baldwin Lampsacus 16 FDC – MS* On this extremely rare coin, of which the British Museum only owns a plated example, Demeter wears a lotus crown which is unusual and which suggests that this obverse design copies a specific cult statue. As no sanctuary for Demeter is attested in Lampsakos, it may be that this iconography is to be explained by Demeter being the goddess of grain and fertility, and therefore responsible for the quality of the wine locally produced.
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